Happy…23? Really??

This weekend was absolutely wonderful and I so appreciate all of the warm wishes from everybody!  It’s hard to believe another year has gone by and yet, I still get asked what high school I attend.  Sigh.

Progression of day: 
  • sleep in
  • wake up to Bailey’s nose in my face sniffing for signs of life
  • went out to lunch at my favorite little eatery in Fairview: Sugar Beet Cafe!  best eggs benedict EVER
  • Ryan, Taylor, and I went into downtown to walk off eggs benedict
  • came home and played card game: He** yes!  I lost…there should be a rule about that on one’s birthday..
  • ate favorite dinner: grilled hamburgers and artichokes
  • digestion
  • ate cake! (y mother made a home-made lemon cake with fresh lemon-sugar icing (see below) in the shape of my favorite flower: the sunflower.  and yes, it was eaten quite quickly…yum!)
  • deep sleep

Bailey, our choc. lab, excited about her new toy
Complete destruction of new toy..
On our way to Sugar Beet Cafe!!!!!!
(by the way…this is right after I curled my hair…notice the slow progression of ‘straightness’ my hair undergoes!!!)
Ryan and my grandfather, D-daddy
Mom and Ryan…and this look would be how I describe their relationship..
Me and my grandmother, Bam(a)
(literally 30 minutes after said ‘hair-curling’)
Delicious sunflower lemon cake :)
Yay!  23!
(straightness overcomes all)

Resourceful use of birthday balloons for uncles’ sake :)
(notice proper placement of “outie” bellybutton) 


2 thoughts on “Happy…23? Really??

  1. Mallory

    I love that cake! Looks so good! And the last picture is awesome.Speaking of high school, I went to the high school in town the other day to get my id (I'm a sub) and they thought I was a student requesting my student ID. One day I will be thankful.

  2. Randi Frazier

    The cake was soooo pretty it was hard to eat! Why can't I make pretty stuff like that?Hehe..yeah I sent my uncles that picture and they didn't think it was funny :) That's great that you're a sub! I don't think I could teach at a high school–nobody would take me seriously! Show those kids who's boss, Mal!


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