Meet Codi (with an i)

My grandparents recently got a new dog, Codi, from Brother Wolf Animal Rescue (a “no kill” rescue shelter) in Asheville, NC.  If my story is correct, she was left at a shelter with all of her new pups.  Just left there :(  She was transfered to Brother Wolf waiting to be adopted.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

My grandparents had a dog before her: Mac, a rescued golden retriever who won the hearts of all the family.  Last April, Mac was put to sleep due to a tumor in his chest and his loss was like losing a close family member.  They didn’t want another dog, but after a year and a half, it was clear that something was still missing.  So, back to Brother Wolf…

My grandmother had been secretly looking at dogs from shelters but just couldn’t decide on one.  She went to Brother Wolf and the lady asked her what type of dog she was looking for…”Not a big dog”. She asked what types of dogs she had had before…”Goldens”.  The lady smiled and brought my grandmother to the back of the shelter and showed her Codi.  Now, Codi is a golden, but she (we think) is the runt of her litter and is very small.  Perfect!  My grandparents were sold.

Codi smiling at the camera

Bringing Codi home and adjusting her was a completely new thing.  Codi was origionally an outside dog and was scared of everything.  The fans, the ceiling, the couches, the hardwood floors, the carpet, the table, and especially the screened doors.  But after much love, tenderness, and patience, (not to mention tutoring thanks to Bailey, our chocolate lab) Codi has adapted well and continues to learn and grow.

Enjoying the shade and keeping watch for trespassers!
Getting some serious MacDaddy lovin’….

…while Bailey watches over.

Playtime!!  She hasn’t quite gotten the concept of “dropping” or “fetching” or “toys” for that matter…but that’s okay!!


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