Ooo Mr. Baldwin!

I took my first trip to Math & Science at Garinger High to see Taylor’s classroom.  Not surprisingly, it was a very neat, organized, computer-filled room.  Tay’s desk was at the back…you know…to monitor the computers of sneaky students :)

See!  Needs decoration and love!
Mr. Baldwin, hard at work :)
I’ve set my mind towards finding something to decorate the classroom in a “manly” sort of way.  But the question is, “What do you decorate a computer classroom with”?  And I’m not talking about those awful computer posters…blah.  I’m in an orange, Halloween mood so I’m thinking of something warm and inviting (no candles though).  Any ideas? has a list of how to “properly” decorate your office work space:
  1. Assess your environment.  i.e. keep decor professional
  2. Think about function.  i.e. instead of a green vase, perhaps a green paper organizer?
  3. Get inspired.  i.e. inspiring art instead of painting the walls…or a picture of the best girlfriend… :)
  4. Stick to a scheme.  Fun!
I said “theme”, right?  And who doesn’t love Halloween??

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