Hello, my name is Ms. Frazier, but you can call me Randi :)

Taylor asked me last week if I would like to be a mentor.  “To who?” I asked.  Now, here’s a little background information before I begin.  Taylor is a teacher at Garinger Math and Science Magnet School (a small subset of a larger high school).  It’s near downtown Charlotte and is an older school in a lower-middle class area.

Now, I half expected to be talking to some kid who has problems with family or substance abuse (of which I really don’t have any background in).  BUT NO!!  I get to mentor a girl who is doing a project in herpetology!!!  Like a teaching mentor!!  Yes, these are my first feeble steps in gaining experience in a school system in North Carolina.  And the heavenly voices are ringing :)

I’m going to meet her today, but apparently she is doing research (not the college-type research I’m used to) on poisonous snakes…and my research paper in Herpetology in college (can I  get a drum roll) Toxicology of Several Species of Venomous Reptiles.  What a perfect fit!!  I’m not quite sure how long this process lasts, but I get a nametag from the front office and have to fill out some paperwork so it’s pretty important.  I’m excited :)  I’ll post pictures and details soonly.


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