Clap On! Clap Off!

I was watching TV the other day and saw this show by Smoking Gun: World’s Dumbest Smartest Inventions.  So I’ve decided to give everyone a little taste of what they’ve been missing!  (I just couldn’t resist…)  And please, check out the infomercials (click on name) listed on youtube for the full effect!

20. Hawaii Chair

Take the work out of your workout…The Hawaii Chair!

You too can hula your way to a slimmer and sexier looking waistline, right at home without ever driving to the gym, picking up a weight or doing a single sit-up!  I can eat and get fit at the same time!

19. Potty Putter

Work on your potting while on the throne! 

Just aim, and shoot the ball into the cup!  Choke up on your putter and sink the ball!

18. The Back Up

Now you don’t have to walk all the way to your closet or the corner of your bedroom to get your gun, it’s right at your fingertips!
Protect yourself and loved ones from unwanted intruders with The Back Up!  **Side note: Now seriously, who needs a shotgun in their bed??**
17. Aspray
First ever all-over body spray!

Aspray goes where other deoderants can’t!  Aspray your butt, Aspray your feet, under your arms, even on your privates!

My shoulder strap used to pull so tight I could hardly breathe!  Now with the Tiddy Bear, I enjoy traveling again!
 Snaps onto your shoulder strap and moves up and down to remove the pressure to wherever you need it!
It can be worn in a tunic style or a toga style!
The Wearable Towel keeps you totally covered and gives you the freedom to use your hands!

Tired of paying $8 a beer at the ballpark?  Tired of the complications of opening beer cans? Just load with your favorite brew and take it with you wherever you go!

13. Comfort Wipe

Reach where your hand can’t!

For years we’ve been scrunching and folding and stretching and wiping!  Toilet paper is really archaic and disgusting…the Comfort Wipe is the solution!

12. The Clapper

The original As Seen On TV!!

Let’s your appliances turn off and on just by clapping!  (Thank you America).  **Side note:  I’m pretty sure they’ve designed another appliance that does the same thing…the lightswitch.**

11. The LitterHouse

Fully enclosed litter box you’ll be proud to own!
If you’ve ever thought your litter box could use it’s own room, well, it gets its own house!  Collects the litter and the smell!  It even comes with 3 sticker options!  
10. Wearable Hummingbird Feeder Mask

Just sit back and relax!

You’ve spent hundreds trying to lure hummingbirds to your garden, well, now there’s an eye-to-eye hummingbird feeder mask!

09. Cruzin Cooler

Take it tailgating and be the rockstar at your next party!

Is lightweight, complete with drink access lid and holder, comes in gas or electric, and cruises at speeds up to 13 mph.  Great for concerts and festivals and going to parks and camping!

08. The Boyfriend Pillow

Never be alone again!

Getting ready to go to bed alone, again?  Whether you’re between boyfriends or he’s out of town…relax, you’re going to bed with the boyfriend pillow.

07. The UroClub

Leak proof, easy to clean, and no embarrassing moments!

The discreet, sanitary solution to your urgent relief!  Comes with a towel and appears that you are just “checking your club”.

06. Russian Talking Vodka

Okay this isn’t the bottle depicted on tv…but it will have to do!

Are you tired of drinking alone? You’ll always feel like you have a buddy to drink with!
“Keep drinking”, “More, more, more!”

05. Nubrella

The next generation in rain gear!

Say goodbye to unreliable, weak umbrellas that don’t do their job!  Let’s you walk and talk in comfort and be protected from the elements!  Designed for durability and is hands free!
04. The Perfect Pet Petter

Don’t you wish you could spend more time with your pet?  Now you can!  “Such a good boy!”

03. Kush Support

Years of support!

Are you like millions of women who suffer from neck and back pain when you awake?  Then get Kush Support!  Anatomically contoured and cushioned to support your breasts, even when you move from side to side!

02. Doggie Steps

Perfect for dogs who have trouble getting up to their favorite spot!

Want to get your dog a great gift?  Get the Doggie Steps!  Just the right height getting up to couches and beds!


Get it and stop taking life sitting down!

Adjust your clothing and gently hold against you to form a seal and…pee! 




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