Thank you YouTube!

I have found rediscovered this video on YouTube that makes me cry, and will continue to make me cry (in a good way!) for as long as I can remember it.  Now, to those who are more sensitive to bodily functions (i.e. flatus…passing gas), DO NOT view this video.  No, I take that back…you probably should view this video because it sheds a new light on the comical side of flatulence.  And it’s even funnier because the “gas” is inserted at exactly the right moments during this preacher’s session sermon (which is in itself ridiculous).  Now, I’m not sure if the first video is the original, but I’ve found that it lacks the realistic farting noise that the second video mimics quite well.  Of course, that’s just my opinion and I still think that they’re both hysterically funny in their own right.



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