Our Apartment (finally!)

So I finally got around to taking pictures of our apartment(appropriately called the Biltmore)…I know, I know, we’ve been here since March and still no pics!   Ta-da!!  Anyway, I apologize for the delay, but you have to understand, I just could not take pictures of a messy, empty place.  And yes, I mopped what bit of floor I had for this camera shoot :)  And speaking of shoot, this is also the first debut of our new parakeet _______.  We haven’t figured out a name for him (Taylor insists on calling him Tyson, but I refuse to name our bird after cooked chicken).  So if you have any spectacular name ideas, please, for my sake, send them my way.  Alright..hope you enjoy the pictures!!

Okay I’m going to say ahead-of-time that I realize the walls are horribly dull and plain and if I had my way, I would paint every single one of them!  This goes especially for the bathroom…

View into the bathroom (laundry doors on inside left).  And yes, I know the cabinet leans.
I would’ve painted the bathroom a sea-green/blue color…

Aargh!  The whiteness!!

Teehee :)

My apron I made a long while ago that I seem to never wear :(  This, besides some little pillows, has been my only sewing project…
The picture of the living room from the front door area.  This room also acts as our guest room :)
That little spot on the couch is where all the blogging magic happens!!  That’s also my spot on the couch.
Yay Halloween!!!  All thanks to my wonderful Bama and World Market :)  When Christmas rolls around, I will replace the pumpkin with a small plant to decorate, and the orange candle with a red one…yum.
Our little outside table (thanks Mom and Roger!!)

Taylors jalapeño plants… 
And my lack of tomato plants that Taylor cut down to make room for his jalapeños.  Grr
Our new parakeet!!!!  

He is such a good bird.  He also happens to have a slight form of bird OCD: if he poops somewhere on the cage, he will walk over to it and pick each piece off till he’s satisfied with the cleaning job.
Now it just so happens that our lease is up in December and we will be moving…two floors down to a slightly larger apartment (with an office that will also act as our guest room)!!  Yay!  New pictures to come in December…or whenever I get around to it :)


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