News Update

Dear reader,

I apologize for the long delay in my writing, but things have been busy in these last few weeks…and I have been slightly lazy.  Handsome Taylor and I have moved apartments from the 3rd floor to the 1st floor.  We sacrificed our spacious living room and volted ceilings for an extra office, larger kitchen, and of course no stairs (the best part).

We moved in very quickly, not necessarily because I have a slight form of OCD, but because we had company coming that night…a lot of company.  Handsome Taylors brother Garrett and his wife, Emily, our best friends Taylor and his girlfriend, Leah, and his cousin Phil were all to stay in our cozy 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment.  It was a spectacular weekend though as we celebrated both Meredith (T’s sister) and Jenn’s (T’s cousin and Phil’s sister) birthday in downtown Charlotte.  Let me remind the reader that I have not had a night out past 10:00pm in a very, very long time.  I don’t even remember what time we all went to bed, but I know it was past 3 because we left Charlotte around 2 and Phil got a Bertolli dinner (he was hungry) at Harris Teeter on the way home…and that takes 45 minutes to cook.  We celebrated the morning after by going to The International House of Pancakes.  I do not recommend IHOP (unless you know it’s a good one) after a long night because the greasy food I consumed has had a terrible affect on me in the days following.

We also have a new bird: Butterball (more photos on her later).  Why Butterball, you ask?  1) Handsome Taylor named her and as you know with Tyson, he likes the members of our family to be named after meat products. 2) I couldn’t think of a quick enough rebound name. 3) I will admit, she slightly resembles a slab of butter.  So Butterball it is.  It’s really okay though, because I just wanted Tyson to have a house mate to talk to, peck at, woo, etc.  We’ll see how she adapts to her new environment :)

I have also started a new job!  I am currently a fitness instructor and aquatics instructor at the YMCA in downtown Charlotte.  Let this be known that this is the largest Y besides the one in Chicago.  It is HUGE!  7 stories huge to be exact.  I do love the people I work with and the environment is wonderful!  I even get a free membership!!  Woohoo!  Although, in weeks following, I’m sure I will come up with fantastic excuses not to work out…  I start teaching swim lessons in January so I’m excited about that too.  It will be nice to have an income again!

Well, that is about all of the news I have for right now.  I will take some pictures soonly when our apartment starts to look like an apartment.  Enjoy the snow for me (no snow in Charlotte)!




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