Christmas in SC

I just spent the weekend in South Carolina with my dad’s family and it was spectacular!  It’s our Christmas tradition to get together the weekend before Xmas, eat chili and hot dogs, and just be a family.  I was able to see not only my dad, brother, sister, and my brother’s wonderful girlfriend, but all of my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmother and both, yes both, of my great-grandmothers!  It is so nice to see the fam (even if only for a weekend)!  Thank you for a wonderful weekend Frazier family!

All the cousins, sans Kimi
The girls and their scarves
The boys…I mean, men..
Dad, Uncle Todd, Mama Helen, and Aunt Paige
Me, Mama Helen (great-grandma #1), Ryan, and Alexis
Ryan, GiGi (great-grandma #2), me, Alexis
Ryan and his beautiful girlfriend, Ariana
Kevin and Tiffany
Tiff and I having fun in our new scarves and hats!
Me, Alexis, and Ryan :)

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