My face is numb :(

Not going to the dentist has its repercussions…most notably the build-up of dreaded plaque and tarter.  It’s not that I hate going, or have poor oral hygiene, no no; it’s the money issue.  I just simply could not afford insurance nor a $300 dentist appointment after graduating college.  However, I am now back on insurance (thanks new health care plan!) and currently numb from the bottom of my right eye to the top of my neck.

Why, you ask?  To do an extensive, haven’t been to the dentist in 2 years, cleaning, would be very painful.  So they numb you, er me, up.  Only half my mouth though…if they did my whole mouth, I’m afraid the dentist would have a rough time getting my face to cooperate during the procedure.  So the teeth on the right side are clean, and next week I will have the left side done.  :(

I would say I feel most like Two-face in Batman…you know, the guy who’s lip drags on half his face.  I wonder if he has to wipe the slobber off too.  Sorry, no pictures…Two Face will have to do.  In a few long hours my face will again be symmetrical and functional.

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