Pot O’ Mush

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather lately…and I found out where that statement came from because I never really knew what it meant (although it is still disputed).  The main correlation comes from nautical days when sea-sick sea-men would head under the deck to escape the weather.

I, however, am not sea-sick, but I wouldn’t mind escaping from this nasty weather we seem to have.  Luckily, I didn’t have to work today which is prime opportunity to go to the dentist and take pictures of the amazingly cute slippers Taylor got me for Christmas. :)

Oh yes, back to the pot ‘o mush.  Luckily I prepared for my ‘under the weather’ spell; A few days ago I bought a rotisserie chicken which is actually a pretty good deal for the amount of food you get!  Well, we polished most of it off, so yesterday I placed the remains into my crock-pot, added some chicken stock, veggies, and spices and wal-lah!  8 hours later, I have homemade chicken soup!  I added some rice for texture…and sadly, overnight, the rice kept expanding and has now evolved to a pot o’ mush.  So much for soup!  My mush will have to suffice.


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