Shower me

Dear reader,

I thought I would share with you how North Carolinians (primarily those that live in Charlotte) experience an icy winter.  Oh, we got snow.  And it was fabulous.  A white winter sprinkling over every object and slowly covering it to reveal an amorphous white blob.  Well, if your a science person, amorphous isn’t the correct word here…but I couldn’t think of anything else.

Anyway, back to my win’er.  And here in the south, we pronounce winter with a soft ‘t’, as though it’s non-existent.  Our Charlotte snow was extremely persistent!  It covered highways, which is a pretty extreme feat considering they had been salted and re-salted the previous day.  (btw NC hasn’t really found a productive and efficient way to handle the meager amounts of snow we occasionally get every other year, so yes, this was HUGE).  Either way, weather forcasters were correct and the snow turned to sleet yesterday afternoon which froze over our beautiful snow.  Ice.  Taylor and I ventured out of our little apartment with our snow, er, ice booties, gloves and scarves and took some pictures.

First comes last night:

The snow that had slowly accrued a layer of sleet on top.
Ice does not taste as good as snow :(
Mushy mushy :) 

It is extremely hard making ice angels; you have to do it in sections, slamming your arms and legs into the ground, otherwise you just slide over top of the ice.
The best I could do :)
Yes, that is ice on the windows, and yes, it took a lot of effort to get off.
So the next day I was supposed to go to work at the Y…but I do not think it was humanly possible to get my Subaru out of my parking space safely (after much de-icing), much less out of our complex…
Yes, I fell.  A few times.
Taylor attempting to de-ice his car.  It took shear strength…and army boots.
So after all of this work, we decided to make the treacherous trip to Target across the streets for doughnuts.  Besides Target, Home Depot, and the gas stations, every store was closed and the streets were pretty bare.  Luckily we just had our doughnuts to carry :)  
This is us walking into Target, slowly.


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