Coupon clipping

Lucky you!  Two posts in one day!!

I recently watched this show on TLC about extreme coupon clippers.  These people give a whole new look to frugal!  Now there are the average coupon clippers who may dream of aspiring to extreme coupon clippers and save maybe 10-20% of their shopping.  Not this breed of extreme coupon clippers.  No, they save on average between 70-95% of their shopping!!!!  Helloooo!?  Why haven’t I been introduced to this concept of not paying for stuff I need??

So a couple Sunday’s ago, I’ve started my coupon collection.  Nothing serious, just clippings out of the Sunday paper.  I am what you call a beginner coupon clipper.  But I have organized them in a way that makes sense to me (see picture below).  I’m very organized.  I may even have to get my own coupon binder!

.  So I’ve been clipping what I see as necessary food items and I check the grocery store website for weekly specials to see if I can combine my coupons and save mega bucks!  Btw, shopping in the middle of the week is the best time since that’s when most stores put out their weekly specials.  Now, I don’t know how those people save that much, because Harris Teeter won’t let you use more than one coupon for a single item (poo), but I will try my luck on other stores in a couple weeks.  But, during my last shopping trip (I shop for about 2.5 weeks in advance) I really spent $120, but after serious coupon and weekly special savings, I spent only $90!!  Heck yeah!!  I will become a spectacular coupon-er yet!!


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