My eyes are numb…

Seems like I’ve had a lot of work recently done to my face.  First off, a couple weeks ago, I had some extreme dental cleaning that required two face-numbing sessions that (thank God) are over with now.  Miserable, miserable, miserable.

The last tooth session was a couple weeks ago and I also had an eye appointment the same day.  If you’ve never had an eye appointment for contacts (lucky you) then you probably don’t know that one must get their eyes dilated in order for the eye doctor to make sure the eyes are healthy.  I don’t like getting my eyes dilated.

I politely asked that due to my “facial condition” of already having part of my face numb, I would like to skip the eyeball treatment for another date.  That date was this morning.

So I’m siting in my eyeball examination chair and the doc leans over and says, “Okay, open your eyes wide” and proceeds to take out my contacts himself.  Whoa!!  Never before has any other person besides myself reached into my eye and taken out my contact.  I’ve decided that I don’t really like that either.  But that’s neither here nor there.

He drops in the dilation drops and I get to sit patiently whilst my pupils enlarge.  Over the years you get wise to these treatments.  I brought my sunglasses and therefore did not have to wear those hideous wrap-around things.  I had to put my contacts back in and this was when I realized that my eyes were in fact numb.  Such a weird feeling trying to put in your contacts when you can’t feel your eyes!  After my eyes were fully dilated, he checked them and informed me that they were healthy.  Yay!

So here I am at home (still wearing my sunglasses) counting down the dilation duration: 3 hrs. 24 min. left.  Sigh.  I took a picture so you could see just how dilated my pupils are (and remind you that this is about 45 minutes after dilation).

The eyes of Catwoman!

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