Everybody needs a little TLC (and I’m not talking about The Learning Channel)

So after all of my facial fiasco’s, I’ve decided to pamper it a little bit.  I’m not normally the type to get my nails done, or get a facial, etc (although I would love to more…cough).

When my mom and step-dad went to Israel for solar business a little while ago, my mom brought back for me a facial mask direct from the Dead Sea.  If you don’t know much about the Dead Sea, well, there’s nothing living living in it!  The shores are hundreds of meters below sea level…the lowest point on earth on dry land and it is considered a hypersaline body of water with salt levels reaching almost 34%!  That’s over 8 times the salinity in the ocean!  So no, you would not want to swallow this water.

Basically, my facial mask is made from Dead Sea stuff (good stuff) and I decided to plaster the good stuff onto my face for a little tender loving care that it so desperately needed.

Ahh, this is the face of rejuvenation!

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