Little surprises can be the bestest

This weekend was particularly stressful.  There was a family emergency on my dad’s side and we spent the weekend in the hospital in Greenville, SC.  I’ve discovered that hospitals are very stressful and tiring environments, hence the stressful weekend.  On the bright side, I did get to spend some quality time with my family so that was wonderful.

Well, I stayed till Monday afternoon to make sure everything was safe and sound and then drove, um, I’d say around 95 on I-85 back to Charlotte to get to work by 4.  (Thank you God for letting the police be busy with other important things that day).  I was exhausted.  I honestly felt like bursting into tears at work because I was so deliriously overwhelmed with the weekend’s events and my own tired-ness.  Oh, and Taylor was in Asheville for an interview, so I had no one to go home to :(

When I got off work that evening, I drove home to my empty apartment and was about to collapse on the couch when I saw this…


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