Ms. Frazier goes to Washington and Maryland

You might have wondered where I went this past week.  Well, I’ll tell you.  And I’ll give you some juicy details too!  I drove up to Northern Virginia with my mom and during the week, we visited many-a-places to see many-a-great-things.

You see, I am seeking a graduate position at the University of Maryland, but in order to be accepted into a graduate department, one must find a graduate professor.  This person will be your mentor, advisor, and best friend…sometimes only friend when you’re wedged in a book for 4 years.

I’ve spent the past year looking for this person, and it’s been a rough journey, especially since the budget for graduate programs has been cut and the number of graduates applying to school has increased tenfold!  Either way, I was able to visit several possible profs across the state of Maryland at various labs.  It was great!

We made some important stops along the way:

One of my first homes in Greensboro, NC
Meeting my godmother for the first time!  I didn’t even know I had one!  She was the professional calligrapher for the Clinton administration!!!  Her office was beside Hillary’s!!!  I knew I loved her!
Anne Arundel Hall at the University of Maryland, my grandmothers name and namesake.  Yes, she (and I) am in direct lineage to Anne Arundel!  
The Baltimore Aquarium.  If you haven’t gone, you should go.  Period.
And of course one of my favorite places (I never go to DC without stopping by!): The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History!  I saw this little guy and it reminded my of my brother and some of the faces he makes so I had to snap a pic!
And they have this awesome program that allows you to take your picture and it transforms you into a homo “species”…in my case, Homo floresiensis.
Last, but not least, in the Entomology section, I got an up close and personal encounter with an Atlas beetle, one of the largest in the world…and yes, he was alive…and no, I was the the one holding him.  But I totally would’ve!
And in case you’re still wondering about the graduate school, I’m waiting to hear back so I don’t have any news quite yet!  But the trip was fantastic, even though we always had to leave early (from DC and Baltimore) to avoid crazy rush-hour traffic.  We were able to see old friends and my fantastic uncle and aunt who live in Burke, VA.  And, of course, it was wonderful to be able to spend time with my mom since I don’t see her that often!  Thanks mom for a great time!

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