In a tizzy for tea!

I am not a coffee person.  I love tea.  White tea, green tea, oolong tea, black tea, and occasionally some of those herbal concoctions including rooibos, mate, and well, herbal infusions (Celestial Seasonings kind of stuff) too.  

There’s a whole world of tea out there unexplored by my tastebuds!  I usually prefer green tea, or a white tea with some sugar of course! (before bedtime…very low caffine) not only because of the great taste, but the high antioxidants and other great health benefits.  I’ll drink black tea with cream and sugar in the morning for an excellent substitute of coffee.  
The best black tea!  Thanks London!
However, a good friend introduced me to Chinese oolong.  Ahh, oolong.  You are the perfect medium between green and black.  Simply delicious.  I recently took a trip to Teavana and bought some loose-leaf tea (the best, if you ask my opinion) and just couldn’t resist showing my new tea off!
I know they look like little poo balls, but they are actually delicately rolled green tea leaves fragranced with jasmine.  Mmmm
My dad got me this cute little tea strainer (Swedish design) that is so neat!  Just press and wal-lah!  Open to any kind of tea you wish you put in it! 

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