Note to self:

Dear Randi,

Next time you are thinking about traveling via car up to Virginia/Maryland, remember to follow these important guidelines:

  • Pack lunch on I-95 if you desire anything besides fried food or pancakes
  • Have 4 extra tires in car in event of a blowout due to excess pot holes
  • DO NOT stop in Petersburg, VA for gas; if you do, do no leave pump unattended and bring safety weapon if you plan to exit vehicle
  • Update GPS weekly: roads you thought existed are only a figment of your imagination or are dirt
  • Do not live on DC/MD boarder 
  • Remind other traveler (aka mom) to bring her own music
    • Music that is agreed on: 
      • Earth, Wind, and Fire
      • Train
      • John Denver
      • Some 80’s and 90’s
    • Music that is not agreed on:
      • Anything 70’s 
      • Rap
      • Country
      • Steve Miller Band, Eric Claptan, Elton John, James Taylor or other “easy listening”
  • Bring: candy, ranch sunflower seeds, chewing gum, and bag for trash
  • Do not flick off every truck driver for driving in the passing lane even though they are not passing
These reminders will make for a fun and safe trip.

One thought on “Note to self:

  1. Sharon

    I believe the expression is "flip off" not "flick off"! You forgot to mention, if driving with your mother, bring boxing gloves. Mothers have a strong right hook when daughters have a bad attitude! :) Mothers, bring duct tape to tape shut daughter's mouth when trying to be a passenger seat driver.


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