Morning Commute

I was scheduled to work the opening shift at the Y this morning…and for those of you who don’t know, the Y opens at 5 am so opening staff must be there around 430-445.  Woof.  This means that in order to actually get to the Y on time, I have to wake up at 345.  Double woof.

So I roll out of bed (literally) at 345, make strong coffee, get ready, and wonder why people actually desire to work out so early.  I am EXHAUSTED.  Taylor wanted to wake up extra early and take me out to breakfast..right…but it was the thought that counts.  And luckily it wasn’t that cold outside so walking out to my car wasn’t such a shock to my system.

Now there is a huge benefit to waking up two hours before the crack of dawn: there is absolutely no traffic!  I hit every green light…almost.  I was cruising down S. Tryon St. at a reasonable speed of around 50 (in a 45) when the light right ahead of me turned yellow.  In my head I was thinking two things:

  1. I’m too close to the light to stop
  2. There are no cars on the road so squeezing by won’t be an issue

So naturally I decided to gas it…until I saw what triggered the light change: a police car.  Gasp!

I SLAMMED on my breaks (which really did no good since they need to be changed anyway), coffee flying everywhere, and managed to stop smack-dab in the middle of the intersection.

I closed my eyes and prayed that I would not be arrested or ticketed and slowly drove forward out of the intersection, all the while apologetically waving to the cop and mouthing “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”.  If it had been later in the day, I would’ve caused a pile up stopping that fast, but, then again, I would not have stopped so close to the light since there would’ve been several cars behind me trying to get through too.

Well, the cop just sat there and I don’t even know in my hysteria if he saw me or was looking at his computer screen (but I’m sure he saw me and had a good chuckle afterward thinking what a dumb-ass driver).  I hope that at least he saw that I had good intentions and tried to stop.  I stared back into my rear-view mirror for a good 5 minutes after just to make sure.  Either way, I made it to the Y at 446, cleaned some of the coffee up, and strolled in nonchalantly.  What a morning.

By the way, there was at least 30 people waiting outside when I drove in.  Crazies.


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