Randi, Randi, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

As many of you may know, I’ve recently moved back to Asheville (yay!)…well…Fairview, actually.  And the name suits it very well: fair view.  Yep.  Anyway, I love being outdoors and I was trying to figure out something to do to bide some time with.  Well, while reading my most favoritist of books, The Secret Garden, I had a voila! moment.  I am going to plant a garden!

Now I’m not much of a green thumb, since I always seem to over-water my succulents, and under-water the rest of the plants, but we will see how this goes.  My wonderful Bama (my grandma and gardener extraordinar) is lending me a little plot of land in which to till, fertilize, plant wonderful things, and harvest them.  I’m up to the challenge!  But what to plant!?  Gasp!

Luckily, Bam volunteers at The Lord’s Acre in Fairview: “a community hub that brings volunteers together to grow organic food for those in need and builds civic engagement by offering garden and food-skills training to all ages”.  Here is their blog site in case you would like to visit (it’s wonderful): http://fairviewgarden.blogspot.com/

I went off on a slight tangent and I apologize; so Bam volunteers at the Lord’s Acre and therefore has a wealth of knowledge about what to plant at this time of the year in the mountains (mountains can be so finicky so one must be cautious about planting things that can be destroyed by March/April snowstorms).

Here is my little plot of land that I will be harvesting very soon!  I know it looks a little rough now, but with a little love and attention, it will be superb!

And here are the horses that will fertilize my garden :)

One thought on “Randi, Randi, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

  1. Susan S.

    Randi, Your "Bam" allowed me a peek at your blog and I'm so excited for you. You will discover more than you imagine in a garden, and get to know yourself in ways you can't imagine. I knew you from camp at the Hamilton's and manage The Lord's Acre Garden now. I'm so happy you're climbing through this porthole to the world of growing so much more than food. – Susan


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