Attack of the killer ladybugs!!

Not only is spring a wonderful season of rebirth, beauty, and warmth, but I’ve found out that in the mountains (particularly east Asheville), it is also the season of ladybugs.  There are literally thousands, and they congregate around windows, doors, and high areas (so if you have vaulted ceilings, well, that sucks for you).

Most people I’ve found try to open their doors to let them fly out; however, if they don’t, you can either wait till they all die and vacuum the carcases, or you can vacuum them alive and try to set them free (if they survive the vacuum cleaner).  I didn’t want to wait.

I realize that most people probably don’t believe that there were thousands of those little flying things, so on my second go-round, literally a day after the first genocide, I took footage of my invasion.  **And on a side note, they should NOT be called lady bugs.  They bite and therefore should properly be called Mike Tyson bugs**

Oh, it gets worse.


One thought on “Attack of the killer ladybugs!!

  1. Sharon

    Wow. Those suckers are growing in number! Isn't it just crazy? I hope they've started to diminish. I know exactly how you feel. After saving 100, you just say "forget this!" and suck the rest up in the vacuum. Enjoyed reading your perspective! And love seeing your garden photos. Keep them coming! Love you!


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