I shave my legs for days like today!

The weather here in Fairview/Asheville has been, for lack of a better word, wonderful.  Just this morning I woke up and went out to my deck to catch some much needed rays (with sunscreen of course!).  In the winter, because of my fair skin and blonde hair, I turn into this off-white blob–the color of my apartment walls.  Blah.

Back to the weather; this weekend we were able to play some Frisbee golf which was sooo much fun.  Granted, we all were pretty rusty, and Handsome Taylor’s disc somehow kept ending up in either the thick brush or a body of water.  Not only did we get to play some f.g. but we went downtown to SkyBar: a little, tiny bar in this super old historic building complete with old-fashioned rickety elevator (similar to the one’s in Titanic).  However, my camera isn’t very fancy so the picture is a little blurred :(  But you get the idea.


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