I’m a natural…green?

I live up in the mountains.  I drink water from a well.  Usually, this water looks, smells, and tastes pretty darn good, but lately the “look” portion hasn’t been holding it’s own.  I would take a picture of what our bathtub and sink look like…but Taylor scrubbed it with Clorox and vinegar to get the stain out.  My hair, however, is not so fortunate.

We’re not sure what is in the water…or the filter…but it’s definitely a blue-green color and has taken a liking to my blondest of hairs.

Right after a shower..

It’s kind of hard to see the green because of the lighting, but it’s there!
I realize that this isn’t the best picture…and that my head looks like a fishbowl (Taylor’s words), but it was the best I could do.  Back to the hair…the water is slowly turning my hair green!  And not the swimming pool green that I can brag about because I’m a swimmer, but the creepy I don’t know what’s in my water green.  
Any solutions besides dismantling my entire water filtration system??

2 thoughts on “I’m a natural…green?

  1. Melinda

    I ran across your blog when searching for an old co-worker. I recognized the apt. complex and got a little nosy, I appologize if this is a private blogg. (So, not a cyber stalker – just nosy) However, I saw this and felt for you :o) I have also been a victim of the green hair, it is traumatic, to say the least! While on the Charlotte Swim Masters team, this started to happen again just like when I was about 9-10 years old. My hair stylist gave me the answer to the situation. :o) The solution to not letting the pool turn your hair three shades of green 5 months before Halloween is to wet your hair prior to swimming in the dreaded stuff that oddly enough stops the pool from turning green! Reasoning: Dry hair absorbs the water from the pool which has chlorine in it. So fill your follicles with fresh (well city –fresh) water and magically, no green hair! Sincerely,"Sympathetic Blond"

  2. Randi Frazier

    Hi Sympathetic Blond,Thanks for responding! Turns out we had a hard water problem…but I bought this Malibu salt/powder-like rinse (it took two tries) and it got all of the green out! Then we got a water softener…haha. I used to be a swimmer, so I know blonde hair can get pretty green, but I've never had green hair like this before–when I was getting hired for a new job, my boss told me I have to have my hair a natural color! Haha!


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