A bear scare

Last night I awoke to footsteps outside our bedroom window on the porch.  This is not something I like to wake up to.  Over the years, I’ve become a pretty light sleeper…and Taylor will not wake to a bomb going off.  When I heard the footsteps, I pictured in my mind a giant, grizzly-sized, man-hungry, angry bear.  I forgot temporarily that our trash has been collecting on our porch waiting for Taylor to take to the dumpster.  Bears love trash.

I tried to go back to sleep and I think I actually succeeded for a few minutes until the second set of footsteps came across my acute hearing.  I didn’t wake Taylor up.  I didn’t grab for his gun…just in case I had to scare the bear off–I have to really say that I would never, ever shoot a bear unless it were literally eating me or someone I love.  I didn’t grab for my phone.  I didn’t grab for a knife, or a pot, or something to block me with.  No, in my delirium, I grabbed for my camera.  My mom would be so proud.

I snuck out as best I could to the living room area–stealth mode.  I thought that they could see me in the dark much better than I could them.  I dove for the outside light switch.  NO BEAR!  WTF?!  I don’t know if I was breathing a sigh of relief or cussing under my breath more, but what did catch my eye was the complete lack of trash in our trash can.  Gone.

I left the outside lights on (you know, just in case…and because I’m scared of the dark), and quietly crawled back into bed.  I don’t know how long it took me for my heart rate to go down, but it was sometime after that when I fell back asleep…only to have really scary nightmares about human/bear hybrids sneaking into my house.  Yes, the rest of the night was awful.

When the morning finally came, I showed Handsome Taylor the damage.  And by the way, he was so pissed that I didn’t wake him up.  We carefully looked around the yard and found the trash bags scattered throughout.  One however, was missing.  There is a certain spot that the bears like to come into our yard–that is the first picture.  And my guess is that the second picture is where they left.  The rest is garbage.  Ha!

The proposed entrance

The proposed escape

A few littered pieces of trash leading off our deck..

The feast!

The trash is gone, but my camera and Taylor are at the ready when I need to see if there is another bear outside…which I’m sure there will be.  Crossing my fingers for a small, nice, non man-hungry bear this time :)

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