My hair (since my last blog about my hair) has turned an even brighter shade of green.  I had an interview with the Biltmore Estate about two weeks ago, and I thought I covered the green pretty well.  Not well enough, I guess because my interviewee was explaining proper uniform protocol and then proceeded to mention that my hair can’t be green.  At least my hair color didn’t stop me from getting hired!  Phew!

Yes, I’ve tried the purple shampoo, and yes, I’ve tried apple cider vinegar (which surprisingly turned the green to a blueish color).  So I went to a salon and inquired about what I must do…because, after all, green/blue hair will not suffice while working at the Biltmore.  Apparently there is a mineral wash that people can use (because the stuff in my hair turns out to be mineral build up)…it doesn’t just get out the color, but the yucky stuff too that builds up on one’s hair such as medication, wax (not the ear kind), and such.  Frankly, it looks like salt, but I didn’t want to taste it.

After one wash and rinse, most of the green/blue did manage to come out of my hair!  Yay!  I have one more to do and from here on out, will be washing my hair at various locations that will not dye my hair green.


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