We were supposed to go camping…and we did!

I’m sorry this is so late…but I realized that I really didn’t take many pictures of us doing camping stuff (and I’m so upset that I didn’t!).  A couple weeks ago, five of us (Bruce, Taylor H, Leah, Handsome Taylor and myself) left on a camping trip into Cherokee.  Don’t worry, all five returned safely.  :)  We decided on Indian Creek Campground http://www.indiancreekcampground.com/, a fabulous campground for tent-ers and rv-ers alike!  I wanted to camp in early April before it started getting warm at night and I will admit, the weather was perfect…the bugs were not.

Bruce, packing up the truck to head out!  Yay!

Bruce, beginning to set up our 9-person tent–don’t worry, Leah and I helped!   Oh, and that “9-person” tent really only sleeps 5-6 comfortably.

Our beautiful campsite complete with Kojak, the wolf-dog.  He kept the scary things away at night!

This trillium is for Chrissy McAllister…and bio-block! 

Our second campsite…just in case we (or the dog) needed more room.

Riverfront property!
Bruce cleaned his fish in this spot :(  I shouldn’t have watched that…

This is the “bear-slide”.  A year or so ago, a couple was camping out in our spot (tent) and it was raining pretty hard…well, in the middle of the night they hear a huge crash which turned out to be a frightened bear who literally slid all the way down the mountain into their tent!  Luckily, he wasn’t hungry and quickly tried to climb back up.  I was hoping for a bear too :)

The fire that Leah and I started!  No gasoline required!

While cleaning breakfast dishes, Taylor H or Handsome Taylor (I don’t remember which one) dropped the plate into the river.  This is them trying to fish it out (and it was freezing!!!).

The rash I got from spraying 98.1% deet onto my bare, sensitive skin.  It itched like crazy!!!  Note to self: do not spray deet near sunglasses, watch faces, sensitive necks, or food.  

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