I need a dog!

You know that saying “My biological clock is ticking”?  Mine is, but not for babies…well, maybe for babies…but not right now!!  Actually, what my “biological clock is ticking” for is a dog.  Yes, a cute, slobbery, loving dog who wants nothing more than for me to love and spoil it.

So I’ve found this website: http://www.puggle.org/rescue.asp.

I want a puggle.  Actually, I want a golden retriever–I’ve grown up with retrievers and I will stand by belief that they are the best dogs.  Second goes to puggles (a spectacular mix between a pug and a beagle).

But as much as I would love to have a cute, slobbery puggle, I simple cannot afford the expenses that usually come with doggies…or babies for that matter.  But I can look, right??  So back to the site; not only is it based on puggles, but you can rescue one!!   I get the best of both worlds!!  I’ll let you know if I decide to get one…sometime in the future :)

Look how cute they are!!!!!!  This is Frankie and Max, 5 year old brother and sister who are in need of a family who can give them more attention.  If you are interested, please contact Brian K., in Braintree, MA (781)-356-0317. 

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