I don’t run.

I don’t run.  Actually, I prefer to swim.  Handsome Taylor, on the other hand, is a spectacular runner.  It usually takes me 2 weeks 3-4 weeks to really get back into swimming shape…and swimmers know, in order to stay in swimmers shape, one must swim…year round.  T can pick up running like it’s nobody’s business and excel in races and such.  I would drown if you threw me into a pool and told me to swim a mile.

So this past weekend, Handsome Taylor and Bruce decided to run a 5k which roughly estimates to about 3.1 miles.  Blah.  But, being the fabulous girlfriend I sometimes am, I went out to support them…and of course, take pictures!  It was not easy sitting out in the sunshine taking pictures, but somebody had to do it.

So excited to be here!!

Waiting in line while all the people congregate…

Take off!
Handsome T came in first in his age category (20-29)!  Next time, I would run walk try to make it with him.  Well, we’ll see…

23 minutes!!  Go T!

After the race–pooped!

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