I’m inked!

So the much awaited unveiling of my first, new tattoo!  I had waited to show what it looked like until my immediate family saw it first…no need for them to find out via my blog (eek)!  Now before you start thinking that it might have been a rash decision, I promise, it wasn’t!  Several years went into thinking about exactly what I wanted and where it was going to go.  I finally decided on the spot behind my ear–it can be hidden relatively easy since it’s pretty small and I can let my hair down over it…and it now gives me an excellent reason to clean behind my ears!

If I had to describe to someone why I got it (which it turns out I have to do a lot to random people), I give them these reasons in no particular order:

  1. Cherokee is in my heritage and the bear (black bear) is extremely symbolic in Cherokee culture
  2. The bear is one of my favorite animals and top on my list for conservation efforts
  3. Bears eat my trash (see previous blog)
  4. Bears symbolize strength and protection
  5. My mom and I went on a trip to Santa Fe, NM, and although I was extremely not well with mono (perfect timing), she purchased a handmade necklace with bear claws on it for me that I absolutely love–it means a lot to me
  6. The Frazier family line is native (I use that word loosely since Frazier, or Fraser is origionally Scots/Irish) to the Smoky Mountains, where the black bear lives and continues to eat my trash

Okay, so I realize that is a lot of reasons to give someone when they ask–most of the time I just name off a couple of my favorites…or the ones that I can remember.  So…here it is!

Yes, I realize it sort of looks like fireworks, or hearts, or forks (someone asked me if I was a chef because of my “forks tattoo”), but its bear claws with a slight emphasis on the length of the claw and I LOVE it!  And if you’re wondering if it hurt while I got it…not really, suprisingly.  I actually had to stop and sit up and breathe and you know, ask annoying questions that I’m sure every tattoo artist suffers through several times before the guy began.  I was really nervous to say the least.  But it wasn’t bad…now bracing for the next tattoo!  Haha, just kidding mom!  


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