I work with poop…

As many of you may know, I recently took a new job at Genova Diagnostics in the chromatography department (CLICK ME).  My official title is Chromatography Lab Assistant and my duties (although I really want to say dooties) are to perform bial-acid assays.  Or poop studies.

Now, for those of you who don’t know what chromatography is, well, I won’t go into extreme detail because it’s a lot of technical chemistry that is blah for me to explain.  But I will tell you that it basically separates compounds in a column to figure out what stuff is.

Apparently, a lot of people want their poop analyzed…a lot.  So I sit down in my lab coat, gloves, and goggles (don’t want to come home with anything extra residing on me) and prepare samples in a very organized and neat manner for chromatography.  After I learn the ropes for a little bit, I’ll probably move on to actually analyzing the data collected.

And yes, I have heard plenty of poop jokes, but if you have a really good one, let me know!  Oh, and I’ll get a couple pictures if I can!


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