Handsome Taylor and I just got back from a trip to the beach.  And it was awesome.  The first couple of days we stayed with T’s wonderful twin brother (Garrett) and his wife (Emily) at their townhouse in Wilmington, NC.  

Oh, and the new addition to their family, Walter; the amazingly cute and deer-like weimaraner that hasn’t yet grown into his legs yet…and the poor thing had to wear a cone to keep from nipping at his stitches where his “man-parts” used to have been.  He destroyed the cone, though…while he was wearing it (we haven’t figured how he managed to do that).  

We went to Carolina Beach (and this time we were stocked up on important necessities).  And yes, the beach was fantastic.  I didn’t melt into my chair like I did a few years ago and not once did I get burned!  I give thanks to my Neutrogena sheer SPF 55 sunscreen.

The pickles were the highlight!

Taylor, Garrett, and Walter…Emily and I were scratching our heads as to why they were so tired, but at least they didn’t mind the photo op :)  

Thanks Em and Garrett!!  We will come again soonly!!

We left Wilmington and drove up the coast to Emerald Isle, and let me just say that there will never be a shortage of rent-able beach houses.  It was a ghost town beach, but our hotel was right on the water and in prime location to the pool and hot tub.


Oh, and there was a crabshack down the road…and we took full advantage of 3 lbs of crablegs.   And in case you were wondering just what 3 lbs. of crab legs look like…

And for your reference, this is what 3 lbs of crablegs look like once two hungry people stuff themselves.

Our next stop up the coast was the quaint, little town of  New Bern.  And I successfully persuaded Handsome Taylor to stay in a B&B, the Hanna House, whichI highly recommend it to everyone.  We had by far the most amazing breakfast I think I’ve ever had–I’ll indulge you for a minute: stuffed sourdough french toast with cream cheese, walnuts and blueberries, herbed eggs in croute with red pepper sauce, fresh squeezed orange juice and fresh fruit.  Drool.  
We did take a ghost tour of New Bern, but I’ll save that for a later blog since there is a lot of pictures–and feel free to look for ghosts!  Here are the rest of the pictures of quaint, little New Bern: 

I knew I liked New Bern whose city “animal” is the bear :)

Even though I am a Coka-cola person, Pepsi-cola was founded in this store!!  We had to have a Pepsi to celebrate the rich history of the town.

Frazier is what they meant.

The most delicious martini I have ever had…key lime pie, complete with graham cracker! 

I took a picture of the ducks because the duck on the left is a monster duck!  It was HUGE!!

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