Bling bling

Soooo, I received in the mail a few days ago a pamphlet-type-thing from Hunter Automotive (a dealer in Asheville) that had written on the back If you’re scratch off number matches the number inside, you’re a winner!  Well, being myself, I just couldn’t resist the opportunity to scratch off and see. 

So I scratched and I was a winner!!  Now, my stepdad (Roger), in his infinite wisdom said “Wait, this has to be a gimmick–they wouldn’t send out all these pamphlets to get people to come to their dealership if nobody won anything”.  Common sense slap in the face.  I didn’t care–I’ve never won anything like this and decided to take the chance anyway–so we went to the dealership Saturday morning.

Well, it was a HUGE sales event.  And yes, the “flier/pamphlet” thing had successfully brought hundreds of people to the car lot.  After I registered my name (so I could get some free food and be entered for a drawing they did daily for a prize) we walked over to the guy who looked at your number and sure enough, we won…$3 in gold coins.  You see, one of the prizes said Up to $500 in gold coins (the others were a new Hyundai or $30,000, 60″ 3D TV, or $1000).  Son of a!  We were so mad (mostly at ourselves)!  Gaaahhh!  But at least we got a free lunch out of it.

So Sunday morning I checked my email and I had one from Hunter Automotive…and this is what it said:  

Randi, it is my pleasure to tell you that we drew your name from all the registrations yesterday at Hunter Auto Group.  Please call me or stop by to pick up your check for $1,000.


Tom Hunter
Hunter Auto Group
I’m pretty sure I exclaimed some words that aren’t appropriate for the blog.  I called and sure enough, my name (that I had entered into the registration) was selected out of the hundreds of people to win $1000!!!  So I gladly drove all the way back to the dealership to pick up the check.  Handsome Taylor tried to get me to purchase some lottery tickets on my luck, but I forgot in all of my excitement…maybe tomorrow.  All in all, it was a very good day. 

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