Do you believe in ghosts?

Do you believe in ghosts?  I haven’t yet decided if I do or do not.  There is a thin thin thin line between theology and science I think after years of I-have-to-believe-it-to-see-it schooling, my brain is saying “the scientific formula of a ghost…??!!??!…yeah, it’s not possible dummy”.  However, the last place you will catch me, besides a deep pool with a great white shark, is in a scary, dark, secluded ‘haunted’ place.  No way, no how.  This is probably why I refuse to see scary movies.  Aargh.

There is, of course, a sense of intrigue when I think about ghosts and haunted places.  It could also be my fight-or-flight sense kicking in full force (and when it comes to things I could not possibly fight off, like sharks and ghosts, I’m more of a flighter).  When Handsome Tay and I went to historic New Bern, NC, we decided to take a ghost tour.  Don’t worry, there were other people with us and we didn’t actually go inside the buildings.  It was like Ghost Hunters for kids.  Safe.  So I took some pictures.  Who knows, maybe you’ll see something!


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