Pretty in Pink

Okay so maybe I’m not Molly Ringwald with ultra stylish 80’s clothes and a hot date…well I do have a hot date…but sans 80’s attire, I’ve decided that this girl can be pretty in pink too!

Pink is usually a color that I stay away from.  It’s not that it’s a drab color…there is just this negative correlation to me with blonde-haired, blue-eyed girls and pink.  Oh, and it makes me look like I am 12.  Blah.

I do own pinklike colors.  Coral.  I like coral.  It’s a fabulous mixture between pink and red and orange.  And red.  That’s about it…but I can now say that raspberry (or pink) is one of those colors!  Hoorah!!

Granted, I do not take this garment home, but it is part of my daily attire.  Thanks Fisher for making these girls pretty in pink!!!  

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