Baby makin…shirts!

Handsome T’s older sister, Meredith, is pregnant with twins.  Twins, as it turns out, runs rampant in his family.

Handsome Taylor (left) is an identical twin with Garrett (right…obviously): 

Their mom, Angela (left),  is an identical twin with her sister Cecilia (right):

Cecilia’s grandsons are very handsome identical twin boys: 

Phew!  I’m pretty sure that it only passes through the women’s family line…pretty sure.  So now Meredith is pregnant, and while her twins aren’t identical (boy and girl), I can still make them fantastically cute twin stuff:

I wanted to make some one-sies, but I didn’t really want to order them since it wouldn’t be completely hand-made.  So, I decided to make them using this idea I got from a friends blog.  Using fabric paint, freezer paper, and some creativity, she made ridiculously cute Harry Potter shirts.  Here is my attempt at one-sies as well as directions in case you would like to try it as well!

Step 1:
Get your material together.  This is what you will need:

An iron

Freezer paper
Tulip fabric paint
Foam paint brushes
Xacto knife (and scissors)
The fabric of choice: deliciously cute one-sies
And the most important things to have while being creative…

Step 2: 
Freezer paper has a shiny side and a dull side.  If you are printing your image to the freezer paper, make sure you print it on the dull side (this goes for if you are drawing/tracing your image as well).  
Step 3:
Once you have your image on the freezer paper, carefully and slowly cut the image out using your xacto knife (or if you are really talented, a pair of scissors).  If you have images (or in my case, letters) that have parts to cut out inside them (i.e. O, P, A), make sure you save them!
Step 4:
Iron the piece of freezer paper you want (shiny side down) onto your article of clothing…several times.  Just to make sure it’s sticking!  
Step 5:
Using your foam paint brush, paint your image (and make sure you stay inside the boundaries of your image!).  After the first coat of paint dries, you can add an additional coat so that the likelihood of your beautiful piece of artwork staying beautiful is doubled.  Also, to ensure that the paint doesn’t go through the fabric, place a piece of wax-paper between the two layers.

 Step 6: 
This is the best step!  You can peel the freezer paper off of the clothing (after the paint has dried, of course).  For the wee little pieces, you can use tweezers if you can’t grab them off with your fingers.

W is for Williams (Meredith’s soon-to-be last name)



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