Working Out

I hate don’t like working out.  It could be a combination of waking up early, wearing non-cute gym clothes, and walking into a room full of sweaty, muscle-bulging people…but mainly I’m just lazy.  I can find much better things to do with my time…like sleeping!  Or eating!  Or playing angry birds on my Nook :)  Thanks Handsome Tay.

 And then you get “The Greeters” who have been awake and alert since 3:30 that morning just waiting to say hello to you as you stumble into the gym.


Gyms need to have a “light weight” section for people like me who can’t lift over 20 pounds and don’t want people who are lifting over 100 pounds staring at them.  

However…I just discovered ZUMBA!!!

I might just be going to the gym more often now!  Thanks Zumba for saving my workout!!

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