For my birthday, my mom took me on a hike to Chimney Rock.  It was awesome.  Well, the stairs were not awesome, but the views were!  Usually there is an elevator that takes you up to the top part of the hike…otherwise you have to climb about 1000 stairs.  Well, littleknownstous, the elevator was “out of order”.  Suffice to say that I was holding onto the rail for dear life on the way back down to keep my legs from collapsing.  Other than that, the hike was nice.  :)

You know…some of this…

And a little of this….
And some more of this…

Until finally!!!

Bailey, of course, had no trouble at all climbing the gazillion stairs.
Bailey did not want to take the picture.  I think the waterfall was making her nervous.  What lab doesn’t like water???

Woohoo!!  Made it to the top of the stairs!!  
Did you notice the hat??  Ryan got it for me for my birthday.  It says RF for Randi Frazier, not Roger Federer.  Just to clarify.


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