Gator Balls

My brother is a ping-pong genius.  And I mean that in the most awesome way.  I don’t know where this talent came from, but it preceded his amazing skill at tennis.  Yes, he will school you with slices and then make you eat clay whilst you grumble at his feet (not really, but he will still school you). 

So, at UF, while he isn’t on the court, he’s doing the next most logical thing…sorry mom, it’s not studying: shooting trick shots with ping-pong balls.  Gator balls.  Gator balls of fury.  

This last video is called Bigger Better Gator Balls…never mind that they forgot the comma…grumble…oh, and that is my brother, Ryan, making that shot :)
There are several more videos, but I think these are the best.  College education at it’s finest.

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