Malysh, or baby in Russian.  I had to write a little on babies, especially since so many people are having them right now (but don’t worry, I’m not one of them)!!  Okay, okay, I’m also writing about this so I can remember what I would like when I have a baby….   Anyway, finding unique and fabulous gifts can be difficult, but here are some ideas in case you are looking (just click on the name and it will take you to the website):

The Baby Bullet

I consider this a “must-have” for parents who want to make their own baby food.  It’s quick, portable, and most importantly, you know where you food is coming from!  **And if you purchase it on the website, you get The Magic Bullet as well as the baby steamer/sterilizer as a free added bonus** :)

Sonogram Frame

That first moment that you see your baby is priceless, so let’s capture it forever!  These frames are great for any baby nursery!  I happen to like the white, because white will pretty much match everything, but if you have darker wood furniture, the wood frame works beautifully too.

Inglesina Fast Table Chair

You better believe I will be purchasing one of these guys.  You can attach it to almost any table and it’s extremely light and portable.  The best part: easy off fabric that is machine washable!  

Sweeter Than The Tea

Of course, what baby outfit would be complete without a “Carolina Babies, sweeter than the tea” one-sie?!  And yes, I have already purchased one!  But for those who don’t live in the Carolinas, don’t worry, they also have other states as well! 


The Moby, as in my baby is so mobile in this fantastic wrap!  I love this wrap not only because of the closeness between the parent and the baby, but also because it is comfortable and just happens to come in a variety of styles and fabrics for any season!

Okay, so these are just a few items that I think every parent should have for their newbie.  I’m a huge fan of baby items that are unique, comfortable, and organic so I hope this helps!!


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