In November, I made a pilgrimage to the Atlanta, in Georgia, like there was ever any other Atlanta.  My spectacular cousin, Tiffany, and her family live down there and it was high time for a visit.  Not to mention we had purchased Atlanta City Pass tickets for the weekend as well.

We had it all planned out–from the two hour commute from her house into Atlanta, to the time spent eating, and all of the places we were going to visit…which we did in this order:

Sunday morning:

  1. Drive to Atlanta from Macon (Sunday morning…I had driven to Macon Saturday and spent the day with the family picking pecans and eating)
  3. Enjoy aquarium to fullest extent
  4. Take loads of pictures
  5. Go to Coca-Cola musem
  6. Speed through museum and head directly to tasting room and gift shop (yay!)
  7. Go to CNN building and take tour–sorry we weren’t allowed to take pictures
  8. Eat yummy dinner and McCormick and Schmidts (mmm delish)
  9. Drive back to Macon
Monday morning:
  1. Drive back to Atlanta from Macon in two cars…so I could later drive back to NC…not as fun
  2. Go to Zoo of Atlanta…mm not as much fun as I expected
  3. Walk around and pay wayyy too much for overpriced zoo food
  4. Drive to Natural History museum…also a let down…but they did have a fabulous Darwin exhibit
  5. Drive to mall–a girls’ got to go shopping
  6. Leave Atlanta at rush hour and spend over an hour driving 10 miles on I-85N–f**k!
Anyway, here are some pictures of our trip!
A lot of people were sporting “Frazier”–damn good name if I’ve got anything to say about it.

Atlanta is a BIG city.  I don’t miss the traffic.

Yay for the aquarium!!  

One of the four whale sharks on exhibit that they were feeding…that’s right….we got backstage passes!

I think this was the coolest part–unbelievable!

Even though this is classified as a “kid’s station” (psh), I still LOVED touching the nurse sharks and sting rays!

(Tiffany did too)

And we most certainly went into the kid tunnel to have our picture taken!

COCA-COLA here we come!!


Little Tysons and Butterballs all over the place!!


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