Our House!!

Handsome Taylor and I are building a house (yay!!)!  We looked for places around Asheville, but we couldn’t find anything that fit both our price range, as well as location.  We found the cutest little house in a cute little neighborhood (see previous blog post), but that was bought within the weekend that we found it!

Anyway, in high school, I was able to take an interior design class that I absolutely LOVED.  (I think it’s my secret passion, besides biology).  Well, I designed my dream house in that class, as well as picked out all of my furnishings by scoping out Pottary Barn catalogs.

Taylor’s family gave some beautiful pasture land in south Asheville that we decided to build on, and obviously we couldn’t build out exact dream house, but a mini version of the design with some minor changes (sans Pottery Barn).  And since I couldn’t figure out how to put the plans on the blog so you could see the final product, here are some pictures.  Enjoy!

The foundation on Valentines Day!
The kitchen, and one of our builders, Greg.
This is a “pop-out” office, modeled after some of the old Victorian style homes in Asheville, along with the bathroom (which hasn’t been walled off yet).
Bottom floor–garage is on the right (it will have several windows), the kitchen in the middle, and the living/dining area on the left.

Left to right: living room (modeled after craftsman style), dining area with bay window, and kitchen.

Window seat in the living room.

Pop-out office and garage on left.

We have stairs!!
The second story is up!  Our bedroom is the one with the partial roof over it right now.

Looking at our bedroom above the living room–pop-out office is to the left beside the garage.

Yay for roofs!!

Framing for second guest bedroom.

Framing the dormer over the garage (hi Greg!).

I’ll be sure to post more pictures as we’re moving along.  By the way, we have AWESOME builders!  John Sanke, Greg, and David (sorry, I don’t know their last names), are by far the most amazing people to have for this job.  We have been building since February and already they’re done with framing!!  This house will be done by May!  More pics to come!

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