Tutu and bow-tie

This weekend was spent watching two of the cutest kids I could get my hands on.  Naturally, their cuteness made me want to make something.  Soooo, Pinterest DIY called and I looked up how to make a tutu for Aubrey, and a little bow-tie for Trey.

I got some UNC fabric for the bow-tie–all you really need is about a square foot for both the bow-tie and the piece that holds it together.

I cut the bow-tie to about 6.25″ x 5.25″ and turned it inside-out and began to sew it by hand…you know, because I’m suddenly Susie home-maker.  Well, it looked horrible and I could tell it wouldn’t hold up…

See..??  Yuck.  So I turned to my trusty sewing machine–Taylor used it last with a heavy duty leather needle for making a cover for his golf-cart (he’s much better at sewing than me..go figure).  The bow-tie literally took just a minute to sew up (make sure you leave space at the end to turn it inside-out again)!  Yay, technology!!  
The bow-tie should look like a  little square patch about 6″x5″.  Sorry, no picture.  For the next part, you want to make a piece of fabric about 1″x3″ to tie around the middle.  I hand-sewed this part (which you can see in the picture..and I know it looks horrible, but it’s the thought that counts!!).  Then I put a snap on and the other part of the snap on the little one-sie.  What is nice about this is that as Trey grows, I can always place another snap on a T-shirt or whatever he wants to snap the bow-tie to!
Next, the tutu!!  I bought about 9 yards of light blue tulle white tulle–you know, Carolina’s colors.  :)  I folded it in half, then in half again so it would be easier to cut.  
I measured 16″ and cut at the end so that the tutu, when wrapped around the piece of elastic (oh yeah, I sewed a piece of elastic in a ring about 16″ in circumference) so that when the tulle stuck out, it was about 7″ long.  You can also tie the tulle in a knot around the elastic.  Either way, the best part is that you don’t have to sew!!  (Sorry, no pics–turns out it’s really difficult to take a picture putting it all together..maybe next time).  Oh, and I alternated colors so that it would look decent.
And the best part…


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