Handsome Tay

Handsome T is actually very handy.  It’s nice to have someone around who can put pretty much anything together.  (This really translates to I do not have to worry about it because Taylor will fix it).  Although sometimes I do worry…

Anyway, Tay decided to purchase speakers for the house.  Not just a couple speakers for the living area.  No.  That would be so very un-Tay to not go above and beyond what is reasonable for technology in our house.  There are 4 speakers in our living room, and a subwoofer (did I spell that right??  It looks wrong.).  And there are 4 speakers and a subwoofer in our bedroom.  And there are speakers on our porch..and in our garage…you know, for all the times I will be rocking out in the garage.  Please.

So here’s a picture of Handsome T putting up one of the speakers in our bedroom (and don’t worry, it will be covered up like the one on the right when it’s all finished).  Psh.


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