Officially a Microbiologist!

Okay, so I haven’t gotten around to taking any pictures of my workspace until now.  I actually have my own space!  No coffee, though.  This is a dirty space.

To be specific, I work with bacteria from poop.  It’s not all bad; Pseudomonas spp. smells like grapes, and E. coli looks like an 80’s neon green on my EMB plate.

I’m learning slowly and steadily, and I’ve already had my throat cultured (I had a sore throat) by one of the women in the lab to see if anything unusual was growing in there (there wasn’t…well, a little Staph aereus but that is found in sore throats anyway).

I haven’t mastered the art of carrying arm loads of plates without dropping all of them yet, but that too will come.  But after I master the art of Bacteriology, I will move onto Mycology and then Parasitology in the lab :)  Baby steps, though.

Oh, and Uncle Scott, B, and Keith, you will be happy to know that you can carry on with your poop jokes.


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