Just in case you ever were to doubt my dad’s alumni…

My dad went to Clemson University in SC.  And in SC, you’re either for Clemson, or you’re not.  There just isn’t another option (at least in our family’s case).  Right now, my dad lives in Florida, and just so people don’t get him confused for another allegiance, he placed a few decals on his car.

Normal looking car…

1st simple decal, placed on rear driver’s side

FOUR more (FIVE if you’re including the license plate holder)
Obviously, you have to match decals on the passenger rear side

And of course, if someone is coming at you from the front, they’ll know too…

But wait!  Who can forget the headrests!?!

…And the floor mat…

And just so you have Clemson memorabilia wherever you go…

And last but not least, if you have a decked out Clemson car, you must have a decked out Clemson keychain.

My father, a Clemson tiger through and through.  :)


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