2013 Book Challenge!!

I enjoy reading.  Well, that is a bit of an understatement actually.  I LOVE reading.  Almost more than pickles.  Almost.   But I do enjoy a challenge.  So, in regards to the new year, I have decided to take up the Eclectic Reader Challenge 2013!!

The challenge runs from January 1st 2013-December 1st 2013 in which time I will be reading and reviewing 12 books from 12 different genres (hopefully one for each month…but we’ll see how that goes). 

Here are the categories:

  1. Translated fiction
  2. Historical mystery
  3. Romantic suspense
  4. Made into a movie
  5. New Adult
  6. Urban Fantasy
  7. Dystopian
  8. Memoir
  9. LGBT
  10. Action Adventure
  11. Humour
  12. Published in 2013

You can also find the books I am reading (and reviews) as well as similar books at GoodReads.  If you have any suggestions for any genre, let me know!




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