Lucy, stuffed animal killer.

As you know, we have a dog.  Lucy.  She is a pure redbone coonhound and possibly one of the cutest puppies to have ever walked this earth.

SEEEE!!!???  How could you possibly say no to this wrinkly face??  Redbone coonhounds have a plethora of great qualities besides being obscenely cute and wrinkly.  Obviously intelligent, loyal, outdoorsy, kind, loving…etc.  Remember Where the Red Fern Grows anyone?
So anyone who met Lucy would assume the same, right?  Pssssh.  Lucy, we’ve learned, is posh and she’s extremely scared of most people.  She likes being inside on her comfy bed sneakily watching the cat instead of outside in the sun running after  escaped cattle.  We practically have to force her to go outside to go pee.  Weird.  
And she only likes chew bones when the cat is around.  So, in light of this situation, we thought she might like a plush animal toy to carry around with her since she obviously can’t do that with la chat.  
Well, within FIVE MINUTES, cute, helpless little stuffed fox was now inside-less.  I assume it’s passive-aggressiveness she feels for Crookshanks.  Poor fox.  Never stood a chance to Lucy, the stuffed animal killer.  


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