Welcome to the jungle

Apparently I live in the rainforest.  Why, you ask?  I’ll tell you.  My yard has become a raging river, that’s why.  I can’t even walk out to get my mail because my goulashes aren’t high enough for the water.  So I’m stranded in my house.  Not a bad place to be actually since I had off today and filled the hours watching GIRLS and Bill Maher and looking at everything I can’t afford from Anthropologie.  (I totally should have been reading Anna Karenina since I’m still 600 pages short of finishing, but a girl can only take so much russian literature!).

So, during my hours of peaceful television bliss, my yard is slowly saturating, to the point of looking like a bloated sponge.  In fact, we have a nice little swimming hole where our septic tank lies.  I won’t be walking back there anytime soon.

I took this video for you.


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