Crookshanks, my cat-dog

We recently acquired a new cat that I named Crookshanks after Hermione’s cat in Harry Potter (of course).  She is the best cat.  She LOVES being near us, especially in our faces.  And her favorite pastime is playing catch with Lucy’s tail.

We leave them at home during the day while we’re at work.  And I’ve noticed over the months that Crookshanks has picked up some habits that I wouldn’t normally associate with cats.  Like affection.  Or being obsessed with water.  (I have to say it’s sort of creepy when I’m taking a shower and I look over my shoulder to find Crookshanks behind me rolling around and biting at the water drops.)  She also recognizes her name and responds when we call her.  Weird, right??  Oh, and did I mention she plays fetch?  Yes, like a dog.  Except that even Lucy doesn’t play fetch…she just looks at me like I’m stupid for throwing a ball.

So I took this video of Crookshanks, my cat, playing fetch.  Please excuse the mess and the air fuzz floating around that I just now noticed in the video.


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